The Pallets

From pallet to product, we oversee the entire process. Each piece of wood is left to season in our workshop's wood store, and then coarse and fine sanded. We try to pay particular attention to the wood's individual details, carefully preserving the natural beauty of each piece of wood. This ensures that every we piece of furniture or home decor we create is truly unique. We aim to use reclaimed materials wherever possible, including original floor boards and timber beams. We feel strongly that it is important for us to use the abundance of unwanted materials we have all around us, as opposed to using up resources to create more. 

The People

We are a couple from Surrey, trained originally as a photographer and a graphic designer. Feeling frustrated at the waste created in our respective industries, Palletables began as a practical outlet to just let loose and create whatever we wanted. Starting in my family's basement building small coffee tables, we started to get bigger commissions and the business has continued to grow from there. Our art & design backgrounds have influenced the designing and making of all the products, allowing us to create striking and stylish pieces that you won't see anywhere else. As it grew, we had move out of the basement, and relocate to a workshop in Woking, giving us the freedom to work on much larger projects.