Rustic Wooden Box Bundle- Bathroom Storage, Garden Planters

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Rustic Wooden Box Bundle- Bathroom Storage, Garden Planters


Rustic wooden box bundle - 1 small and 1 large box made from reclaimed pallet wood.

These can be used indoor or outdoor, so are perfect for bathroom storage, garden planters, wherever you may need to declutter. Stack the big and large boxes to save on space when they're not needed.

Perfect for your own home, or as a wedding or housewarming gift.

Finished off with a clear matt varnish, dark wood dye or you can have a mix of different colours, take your pick! Picture 1 shows a small light box and large dark box together.

Small box measures at approx 160 x 160 x 160 mm.

Large box measures at approx 185 x 185 x 185 mm.

Each box from Palletables is unique, so patterns & colour will vary slightly from the items pictured. If you have something specific in mind though, perhaps a particular colour or style, just let us know and we'll create a bespoke piece best fitted to your needs.

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